July 06 Fund Raising Project Kicks-Off
See all the photos from our first fund-raising event.

It is easy to forget that we seem to live in a protected environment, full of family support, great friends to share the good times with and the possibility to immerse ourselves in our work to achieve our goals. Then you can meet someone who is really doing things differently in life, someone who has chosen a different path, someone who inspires you to look at things with a new perspective – someone who chose others rather than himself.

That person I met was Rev. Fr. Anton Grech. Fr. Anton as we know him, has chosen to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, far away from our shores, in San Miguel Chaparron, a municipality in Guatemala.

In order to help Fr. Anton and his community, I am asking you to help us in setting up an internet service that is desperately needed in this community, to help the students in their education and connect the village to the rest of the world.